A garden sampler, what could be more perfect for summer!

Dee's PSP Tutorials

This crow is really cute but it was not easy!  I might try it again some day to see if I can get it more to my liking.

Jane's Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

I kind of cheated with this one and just made the first layer, then duplicated it, resized it and rotated it.  It didn't turn out bad but I do like the one Jane made on her tutorial much better, it looks more like a sunflower than this one does.

Jane's Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

This little fuzzy bear did use Vector layers but there was NO node editing so if you are as afraid of those "nodes" as I am, give this one a try!

Prestigious Graphics by Ronni

We always had a cuckoo clock in our house when I was growing up and this one was fun to make!

Tutorials by Burn

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Thanks to Designs by Donna for the wonderful background tutorial and Web Graphics on a Budget for the dividers.

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